Sabah State Laws as at 1999.
Administration of Islamic Law Enactment
Administration of Native and small Estates Ordinance Cap.1 Vol.I
Administrative Divisions Ordinance Cap. 167
Adoption Ordinance 1960
Advocates Ordinance Cap. 2
Agricultural Produce Board Enactment 1981
Amanah Rakyat Negeri Sabah Enactment 1990
Animals Ordinance 1962
Antiquities and Treasure Trove Enactment 1977
Application of Laws Ordinance Cap.6

Baitulmal Corporation Enactment 1998
Bills of Sale Ordinance Cap. 14
Burials Ordinance

Cattle, Grazing and Pounds Ordinance Cap. 21
Chief Minister (Incorporation) Ordinance Cap. 23
City of Kota Kinabalu Enactment 1996
Civil List Enactment 1963
Constitution 1963
Control of Islamic Religious Schools Enactment 1991
Country Land Utilization Ordinance 1962
Cultural Heritage (Conservation) Enactment 1997
Credit Corporation Enactment 1981
Cruelty to Animals Ordinance Cap. 31

Delegation of Powers Enactment 1963
Departmental Titles Ordinance
Dogs Ordinance 1960
Drainage and Irrigation Ordinance 1956

Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Enactment 1979
Environment Protection Enactment 2002
(Note added 2006)
Federal Territory of Labuan Enactment 1984
Fees Enactment 1981
Forest Enactment 1968
Forests (Constitution of Forest Reserves and Amendment) Enactment 1984

General Loan and Stock Ordinance Cap.51 Vol.II
Government Trust Funds Enactment 1964
Guardianship of Infants Ordinance Cap. 54

Highways Ordinance Cap. 55
Holidays Ordinance Cap. 56
Housing and Town Development Authority Enactment 1981
Housing (Control and Licensing of Developers) Enactment 1978

Inquiry Commissions Enactment 1981
Islamic family Law Enactment 1992
Interpretation and General Clauses Enactment 1963
Interpretation (Definition of Native) Ordinance Cap. 64 Vol.II
Intestate Succession Ordinance 1960

Korporasi Kemajuan Perikanan Nelayan Sabah Enactment 1981
Korporasi Pembangunan Desa Sabah Enactment 1981
Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council Enactment 1978
Kudat Town Board Enactment 1982

Labuan Municipal Council Enactment 1981
Land Ordinance Cap. 68
Land Acquisition Ordinance Cap. 69 Vol.II
Land (Subsidiary Title) Enactment 1972
Legislative Assembly (Elected Members) Enactment 1965
Legislative Assembly (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Enactment 1963
Liberation Education Trust Enactment 1992
Loan 1954 Ordinance Cap.163 Vol. VII
Loan 1955 Ordinance
Loan 1957 Ordinance
Loan (Federation of Malaysia) Enactment 1974
Loan (Financial Source) Enactment 1976
Local Government Ordinance Cap. 80
Local Loans Ordinance 1959
Lunatic Ordinance ???

Maintenance Ordinance 1959
Majlis Hal Ehwal Anak Negeri Sabah Enactment 1998
Marriage Validation Ordinance 1960
Members of the Administration and the Members of Legislative Assembly (Remuneration) Enactment 1981
Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1960
Mining Ordinance 1960
Minor Offences Ordinance Cap. 80
Muslim (Title and Construction) Ordinance Cap.84 Vol.III

National Language (Application) Enactment 1973
Native Rice Cultivation Ordinance Cap. 87

Old Age Assistant Enactment 1982

Parks Enactment 1984
Pearl Oyster Shell Fishery Ordinance Cap.95
Pensions Enactment 1978
Public Collections Ordinance Cap. 112
Public Entertainment (Amendment) Enactment 1993
Public Entertainments Ordinance 1958
Public Health Ordinance 1960
Public Service Commission (Remuneration) Enactment 1963
Public Stores Ordinance Cap.113 Vol.III

Railways Ordinance Cap.116 Vol.III
Rakyat Development Leaders Enactment 1981
Reconstitution of Land Office Records (Labuan) Ordinance Cap.119 Vol.III
Reconstitution of Land Title Registers Ordinance Cap.120 Vol.III
Reconstitution of Land Title Registers (Completion) Ordinance 1956
Reprint of Laws Enactment 1967
Revised Edition of the Laws (Supplementary Volume) Ordinance 1955
Revised Edition of the Laws (Annual volume) Ordinance 1955
Rubber Dealers Ordinance Cap.130 Vol.IV
Rubber Fund Board Enactment 25/1981
Rubber Industry Replanting Fund Ordinance Cap. 170
Rural Administration Ordinance Cap. 132

Sabah Council of Social Services Enactment 1997
Sabah Cultural Board Enactment 1996
Sabah Development Fund Ordinance 1963
State Law Revision 1964 Enactment
Sabah Economic Development Corporation Enactment 1981
Sabah Energy Corporation (Succerssor Co.) Enactment 1997
Sabah Forestry Development Authority Enactment 1981
Sabah Foundation Enactment 1966
Sabah Heritage Trust Fund Enactment 1996
Sabah Land Development Board Enactment 1981
Sabah Ports Authority Enactment 1981
Sabah Ports (Privatisation) Enactment 1998
Sabah Sales Tax Enactment 1998
Sabah Sports Board Enactment 1981
Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation Enactment 1981
Sandakan Municipal Council (Change of Status and Amalgamation) Enactment, 1981
Sabah Water Resources Enactment 1998
Seed Pearls Ordinance Cap. 134
Services' Land Board Ordinance 1963
State Archives Enactment 1980
Statutory Bodies (Disciplinary Provisions) Enactment 1994
State Constitution 1963
State Honours Enactment 1963
State Law Revision 1964 Enactment
State Law Revision 1966 Enactment
State Law Revision 1967 Enactment
State Law Revision 1968 Enactment
State Law Revision 1978 Enactment
State Law Revision 1979 Enactment
State Law Revision 1983 Enactment
State Law Revision 1987 Enactment
State Law Revision 1994 Enactment
State Library Enactment 1988
State Sales Tax Enactment 1998
Statutory Bodies (Disciplinary Provisions) Enactment 1994
Statutory Bodies (Supplementary Provisions) Enactment 1997
Syariah Courts Enactment 1992
Syariah Courts Evidence Enactment 1992
Syariah Civil Procedure Enactment 1993
Syariah Criminal Procedure Enactment 1993
Syariah Criminal Offences Enactment 1995

Tawau Municipal Council (Change of status and Amalgamation) Enactment 1981
Timber Royalties (Application of Rates) Enactment 1966
Town and Country Planning Ordinance Cap. 141
Transfer of Powers Ordinance Cap. 145
Treasury Bills Ordinance 1963
Trustees (Incorporation) Ordinance Cap. 148
Tun Fuad Foundation Enactment 1976

Water Supply Ordinance (Am: En.5/92) 16/1961
Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997
Wills Ordinance Cap. 158

Zakat and Fitrah Enactment 1993